22 April 2008


Sorry there wasnt a post yesterday - sometimes you just get home from work and need to chill - yesterday was just that sort of day!

Not much to post tonight really as not being on the computer at all yesterday has meant a back log of stuff to clear tonight so just a few snippets gleaned from local bus groups

First Devon and Cornwall are soon due a couple of new Caetano Levant coaches for National Express work. I am sure these will be based in Cornwall but will become regular visitors to Bretonside. I know many people dont like these - but I do so thats something for me to look forward to at least.

Plymouth Citybus - it seems that some at least of the 11 new Enviros have been spotted in Scotland being prepared for service here. The first are currently expected in early May - so not too long to wait now.


  1. We in Cambridge already have about 20 Caetano/Scania Levantes, with about 5 of these being Tri-Axle.
    They look pretty good in the revemped NatEx livery.

  2. 2 'New' Caetano Levantes will be '06 plates, with Volvo engines.

  3. Thanks 'anon'
    Shame not new - but I still look forward to them!


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