11 March 2008

Pretty in Pink

Target Travel YJ55YHKTarget Travel YJ55YHK

Both pictures © Darren Williams - used with permission.

Thanks to Darren for these two pictures of the Target Travel Solo now in use on the 52A and for the Northern Connect service when it starts at the end of March. For a clue as to why these buses are in pink click here to see a fotopic of this bus when new.

It does seem that Plymouth is becoming a magnet for pink buses...

First Devon and Cornwall 40002 S764RNE

First Devon and Cornwall 32760 WA54OLR

First Devon and Cornwall 40581 YJ51RHY

Plymouth Citybus 107 K107SFJ

197 G623OTV Plymouth Citybus.

Plymouth Citybus 040 T140EFJ

A comment on a previous post wondered if Citybus would ever get the pink bug? On the results of this mock up - lets just hope not!
If Citybus went Pink!


  1. RE: Target Travel Livery

    What a bad livery

    pink :(

    if it did not have target travel on it you would think it was somthing to do with tamar link or tavy link

  2. You missed out the Tamar Link Varios. That makes 9 variations.

  3. Yes, all the pink gets very confusing for passengers. Surely their usual livery - especially for the CLOVELEAF route - of green and white would suffice (or even with a bit of a revamp)


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