09 March 2008

Plymothian Bridges 035: Fitzroy Road

Fitzroy Road

Its been a while since the last bridge in the series so there will be a few this week - all pretty close to each other and connected to the railway which used to run into the old Devonport Station. The brick wall above is one of the better shots I could get of this bridge. We are standing on Fitzroy Road which runs into Valletort Road just a bit further down the hill. The railway ran into Devonport Station which is to the right. The railway cutting has been filled in on the left hand side of this shot.

Fitzroy Road



This is the view looking down over the wall and you can see how overgrown the area is. This section of the railway cutting is out of use and just seem to have turned back into jungle!

In the distance in this lower shot you can just see the next bridge in the series from where I took the next photo...




Following the line 

The car park here is part of the College of Further Education. You can just see the Fitzroy bridge through the trees.


Plymothian Bridges Map

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