06 March 2008

Citycoach back to basics?

As mentioned a few days ago Plymouth Citybus are introducing a new livery for their Citycoach fleet. Well here it is.

Plymouth Citybus 309 JSK263Plymouth Citybus 309 JSK263

Both photos ©Brian George - used with permission.

So - what do people think about it then? feel free to leave your comments!

It wasn't what I was expecting, but then I am not really sure what I was expecting! It is certainly a nice clean livery and does look very smart, but I did really like the swirls.

It seems that when passengers were asked, many people didn't realise that Citybus had a coach fleet! This is one of the main reasons behind getting back to a common livery across the whole fleet. As part for the contract fleet this one has Citybus fleet names. The six private hire coaches will retain the Citycoach fleetname.

One slight change to the standard new livery is that new repaints will no longer feature the black band above the windows. This was of course introduced to make the fleet match the Citaros, and now they are buying Enviro's instead so its no longer needed!

Now if they could just smarten up the Volvo double deckers...

Just one final bit of news is that an Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 demonstrator arrives in Plymouth next week so keep an eye out for that one. Citybus of course are expecting Enviro 200's shortly.


  1. Erm.. Well, I suppose it could have been worse..

    I presume the Enviro 300 will be for Citybus, but I do remember they already tried one out years ago, and nothing came about then. Is Alexander Dennis offering Citybus any sweeteners to try and offload what is, a rather unpopular model?

  2. I dont know about sweeteners(!) but it does seem than the Enviro 300 body is now beginning to pick up orders elsewhere after a slow start. With Citybus taking Enviro 200s this year the 300 would be a good fit into the fleet for future orders. Of course the body is now available with several different chassis types - Im not sure which flavour demonstrator we are getting though.
    Whatever they get next - it wont be Citaros!

  3. i did notes they have not called it city coach any more i wonder why ?


  4. Tom,
    The reason this one carries Citybus names is that its part of the Citybus contract fleet rather than Private Hire. The 6 coaches in the hire fleet will carry Citycoach fleetnames.


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