03 March 2008

The end for the swirls?

Having decided to keep the Citycoach operation albeit slightly smaller than before, a new livery is about to be unveiled.
The first coach is in the paintshops at the moment. Watch this space as they are giving nothing away about the new livery at the moment.
Oh how they tease us!

(personally I really like this swirls livery but lets just wait and see)


  1. The first thing I thought when I read this was Citybus is just going to paint over the grey bits, like on the Darts!

    Just kidding, I quite like the Citycoach livery, it has aged very well and still looks quite modern.

  2. Citybus Dart 66 has emerged from the paintshop recently in a slightly modified version of the new Citybus livery. Looking at the rear of 66 from behind, instead of a white band running right around the middle, the only thing white now is the engine cover, with everything else red (sorry for not describing that very well!). The new Citaros delivered last year are like this as well. Looks good on the Dart too.


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