20 December 2007

A tale of two Volvos

Plymouth Citybus 189 F606GVO

The Volvo Citybus fleet continues in service into 2008. many of these are in yellow Student Link livery but there are a few in advert liveries. Laying over at Bretonside on Tuesday afternoon this week were 189 (above) and 190 (below). These fine old buses are still useful with their large seating capacity, even if they are high floor - and some of them do smell a bit! I for one still let the Darts go by when I know I can catch a Volvo Double decker home from work. (Sadly I have to wait till the schools go back in January!)

Plymouth Citybus 190 F607GVO

(No posting tomorrow as I have the works 'Christmas Do' so wont be here to blog. Hopefully Saturday I will get the chance to post something.

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