19 December 2007

A Tale of Two Bus Stops

Keswick Crescent Estover. There are two bus stops at the bottom of the hill. This nice one with a shelter, raised kerb, timetables, and even a seat.

Keswick Cresent Bus Stop

And then on the other side is thisKeswick Cresent Bus Stop

Guess which side I have to stand at each morning in the wind and the rain!


  1. The One with No Shelter

  2. I have another tale of two bus stops, 500 yards away and round a corner from each other on the 7A route. One had a timetable, one doesn't. The trouble is no one has decided which of these stops the bus should use, some drivers will use stop 1 and others stop 2, therefore it's a gamble as to where you stand.

  3. good guess Louis!

    Prodigal - we often have problems at derriford withthree stops to choose from. If your driver isnt sure which stop to use it can mean you miss the bus!

  4. The hospital stops? I use them daily, the fact that they're no longer labelled as well as they used to be (ie CITY DIRECT, WESTBOUND etc), the same route numbers go different desinations and there's not enough room for all the buses, doesn't help. Mind you after 7.00pm when you get 1 First bus an hour is easier(!)

  5. Hey Graham
    Do You Know Dave Connell?

    He is the other School Bus Driver to Coombe Dean School!

    He's Very Funny and he make up lots of Songs

    example of one he made up:

    I drive for western national and there a bloody shower
    There Buses only go 10 Miles per hour
    There buses keep braking down all over town
    I drive for western national and i'm a bloody clown

  6. Hi Louis

    ive known Dave for years - I was a close friend of the family for many years (I used to work with his wife - we share the same birthday)! Havent caught up with them for a while now since he moved to school buses (he used to work on National Expresss before going back on the buses about five or six tears ago.
    Good bloke all round! Say helloe next time you see him!


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