27 November 2007

Remember when...

© Alan Thompson

I wanted something special for this, my 800th post to Plymothian Transit (I still cant quite believe that!) so I was thrilled to come across this photo by Alan Thompson.

I can still remember the days when Milehouse was wall to wall Atlanteans which was always an impressive sight. Long rows of Darts are just not the same! To be fair to the Darts - it was really the large batch of those horrible Renault bread vans which saw of many of the double deckers. At least the move to Darts has seen the return of larger proper buses. I dont suppose we will ever see any new double deckers for Citybus again though.

Its good that at least First Devon and Cornwall are investing in double deckers for Plymouth with both new and secondhand additions to the city over the past year or so.

Thanks to Alan for allowing me to post his photo here tonight.

While I am celebrating the 800th post I will also mention a few of my other online activities:

I am currently building up the Plymouth Citybus visual fleet listing. This will soon have a page with at least one photo for each bus in the fleet. Currently all the pages are set up but not all have photos added. I am rapidly adding these - although this has meant a gap in the daily Citybus Photo Blog.(Not continued with!)

The next stage is the Citybus Timeline which I am slowly building up alongside. This is just a time line of Plymouth Citybus showing new buses and also repaints etc. This is at a much earlier stage of development so is really still an experimental way of presenting the fleet.(Failed due to the online host service not working correctly - might try again later)

I do have other projects in the pipeline but I am trying to be more organised and not work on too many different areas at the same time! Plymothian Transit will always be the main web site

Thanks to all who have commented and allowed me to use their photos etc over the past 800 posts.

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