04 November 2007

Plymothian Bridges 25: Toys R Us

As promised two weeks ago I can now bring the second part of the Toys R Us bridges entry. Thee pictures above show the complex of bridges that link the store and car park with Frankfort Gate. Its a shame that it looks so run down and dirty as its quite a pleasant design and it did fit in with the look of the store, itself looking pretty run down these days. The bridge itself has not exactly proved that popular either as they had to put in a pedestrian crossing almost right underneath it as people were risking their lives trying to cross the road there rather than use the bridge. This was a classic case of town planners thinking they knew best and that people would happily go though the zig zag ramped walkways to cross the road. There is a lift fitted but i know for years it wasn't working. Not sure these days but I've never seen anyone use it.


  1. Interesting slide show and great blog, DBG. About Toys R us - can you remember the blocked tunnel/stairwell in the walkway over what was Toys R Us and is now the empty retail unit? Do you know where it lead? I asked a car park attendant if I could have a look and she said that nobody is allowed access there due to health and safety reasons. I did notice however that the glazing frames on that closed walkway are coming away from the concrete spans. I actually like the Western Approach/Toys R us complex. I have to admit that it is fairly unique for a multi-storey car park.

  2. I do seem to recall there being issues with the building from quite an early stage so it seems that this end of the complex is indeed closed for health and softy reasons. I am really not sure where it lead - I have never really explorsed down that end of the site. I must visit again soon to get a few more photos !

  3. I will have to do some research myself, although there are not many avenues to explore. All I do know is that the complex was designed by quite a reputable firm of London architects and engineered by Ove Arup, which is a very prestigious firm of Structural Engineers (almost too prestigious for Plymouth!) that also designed the structure for the roof of the Civic Centre. I have some photos myself - a very interesting building that was actually designed to be of "high quality".


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