06 November 2007

Changes Part 6

Plymouth International Bus Park

Just down the road from Derriford Roundabout we get the entrance into Plymouth International Business Park. This used to be the site of the old Army Barracks which is now all cleared slowly being filled with new office units. In the old image above from Microsoft you can see the site has been cleared. The main road network has also yet to be built. The main entrance from Crownhill end is under construction across the middle of the photo. Seaton Barracks Swimming pool is at the end of what is still a large culdesac. The modern Western Morning News building stands proud towards the top right.

 Plymouth International Bus Park

In Google Maps much newer image we see that a lot has changed. The main road network has been constructed and several new office blocks have been built in the estate visible in the middle of the image. One of these is Bircham House used by Plymouth Hospitals NHS where I worked for a couple of years. The main HQ of ROK is also on this site. The new radiology Accademy sits just below the still present Seaton Barracks Swimming pool. The large square building on the extreme left is the Land Registry complex which opened a couple of years ago. Above this is the construction site that will soon end up as the new hotel that stands proud on this site.

Back on the right hand side below the Western Morning News are another set of units including the large private Orthopaedic Centre.

Changes since these images have seen the completion of the hotel and a few more office blocks . The swimming pool has now been demolished.

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