20 October 2007

Stranger in town

I noticed something a little different at work on the Park and Ride on Friday as I went into town but didn?t get a good look. It was on its way to the George so I knew I would catch it when it returned to the City Centre, Unfortunately it was there a bit quicker than I expected so i only caught the back end of it in a very hurried photo. It was enough to at least see what it was though!

Alexander Envir Demonstrator SN56AWW

SN56AWW Dennis Trident Alexander Enviro 400 demonstrator. Presumably at least one of the regular Enviros is off the road at the moment?


  1. Been here a while Graham. Warranty repairs I think.

  2. it looks good in the promo livery...

  3. My school bus driver told me that all the enviro 400's are going back for repairs after all of them have leaking windscreens.

    they are will bring the repaired one back and take another one for repairs.

  4. All the enviros are being taken back one by one to Dennis as most of them have a huge lists of warrenty repairs that need to be done before december, mainly electrics as we are being told


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