18 October 2007

Plymothian Bridges 024: Toys R Us

Bit of an obscure photo this one, but this is the Toys R Us end of the walkway over Union Street that links Toys R Us and the Plymouth Pavilions This is in roughly the same site of the old railway bridge over Union Street. It must be said that this area is looking rather shabby these days as the Toys R Us complex has not aged very well and has an almost derelict look about it in places. I believe there were issues over the construction and design of the building which has not helped.


  1. DBG, do you know what the issues about the design and construction were? It may seem odd, but I am very interested in this building and wish to find out more about it. There is understandably hardly any information out there and so I am trying to enlist the help of people such as yourself who would remember certain issues about the building. I actually believe that the complex was designed with some good and interesting pretensions - the glass and the many walkways - but that its location and the passing of time have not treated it well.

  2. Hello Graham, Have you walked across the walkway which is suspended over the inside of the Toys R Us Store? You can get some cracking pictures when standing on it, a gloomy, almost deserted gantry hanging over a brightly lit shop, is quite atmospheric. You can probably tell this is my favourite "Plymothian Bridge!"

    P.s. Half of the Toys R Us building is indeed derelict, They walled off a large chunk of it to create another shop, but have never found a tenant for it. It's been like this for what could be nearly ten years now!

  3. I seem to recall thee was a long running dispute over the construction of the store, I think it was that many of the panels were leaking and needing replacing, but I cant be certain at this stage. There was certainly a dispute of some sort which did run on for years. I believe it was settled though. I will be revisiting this site as the next bridge is at the other end, so I will do a bit of research to see what I can find out


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