18 October 2007


News of a forthcoming event courtesy of Dave Godley on the South West Buses Group:

For the benefit of those who aren't aware, one of the former Cambridge P&R
Tridents has returned from Hampshire in full Devon General BET-style red and
ivory livery. It has now received the correct BET-style Devon General fleetnames
- even DG-style fleetnumber "DT17053".

I have had a look at it and they have done an excellent job of it. It will be
making an appearance at the Torquay Tramways celebrations -100 Years of Public
Transport in Torbay - this coming sunday along with several preserved Devon
General buses and a free bus service will be operating along the seafront.

The vehicles will be on display at Shedden Hill Car Park from 10am until 5pm.
There will also be some stalls present.

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  1. Aww......Why did they get rid of all but two of those Tridents??? they could have kicked out all the olympians and the three misfit darts instead, then we would have had a 100% low floor fleet! Got any photos in their new homes anyone?


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