08 October 2007

Plymothian Bridges 023: Coypool

There are actually two bridges alongside each other here, each one carries a separate carriageway of Plymouth Road over the old branch line which now just serves the China Clay Works at Coypool. Coypool road runs alongside the track.

The top photo shows the Plymouth bound side, which is the more modern bridge of a typically bland concrete style. The level crossing still sees occasional use as far as I am aware. Quite how much longer this will be the case I am not sure (assuming it is still in use?)

Behind me, is Tavistock Junction which I hope to feature in a posting shortly.

Looking back from the other side of the road, on the Plympton bound side, we see the original bridge which is a much more traditional stone built structure although you wouldn't know it from the main road itself. There used to be a station here when this was a main branch line to Tavistock.

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