07 October 2007


© Thrash Merchant 40580 in York

Marc Reddy gives us this news on incoming buses for First Devon and Cornwall:
Just to advise everyone that 7 x B6BLE's 51 plate registration (sorry cannot remember fleet numbers, they are back in the office !) from York are arriving in FDC for the operation of the new Tavylinx branded services between Plymouth and Tavistock. The corridor will have an increased frequency from every 20 minutes to 15 every minutes and is one of the DfT's kickstart funded schemes - all kicks off on 29
October 2007

Also to note, a Volvo Citybus, (D-reg, again can't remember the fleet number) ex Weston Super Mare is near completion to be a permanent open top vehicle for next summer.

It is believed that the batch comprises 40580-6 YJ51RHX, RHY, RHZ, RJO, RJU, RJV RJX Volvo B6BLE with Wright 38 seat bodies new September 2001 which join 40570 YJ51RCZ which has been in the fleet for some time. Some of these at least will carry full TavyLinx livery (not just vinyls) with 40570 already being reported as carrying a purple based livery.

This will add even more colour to the streets of Plymouth.


  1. That B6ble looks like its peering round the corner at you in a shy way..funny how buses seem to express emotion in pictures sometimes.

  2. Hi

    I note you are interested in healthcare fleets in addition to buses etc.

    I could not find your email address, hence a comment on here.

    Felt you may like to know that Nuffield have a MRI scanner in their car park on Mondays, coming down from Cheltenham on Sunday night. It should be set up by 7.30am and goes fom 7pm in the evening.

    See photo at http://groups.msn.com/RalphDaviesInternational/volvofh12s.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=632






  3. I should of made it clear it goes to Plymouth on a Monday and Exeter on a Tuesday.


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