16 October 2007

Odds and Ends

I attended a forum at the Tamar Science Park today which was attended by the Transport Plan Coordinator for Plymouth City Council who gave a presentation on the City Councils Green Travel Plans available for employers in the City. Derriford Hospital were the pioneers of this scheme so I have been a pass holder since it started over 5 years ago. Most of the presentation was not news to me, but I did pick up one or two points of interest (to me anyway).

It does seem that the Green Travel pass will be going over to a new Smart Card system very soon - probably April next year when the current pass needs renewing. This will be a good thing as the current card passes where out very quickly and never last the full twelve months. Its about time we got full smart card technology on our buses down here.

I did ask about the real time information system and was promised that this is now moving along and will start to spread city wide shortly. The ability to text the bus stop codes for the next bus will also go live soon and there will be a web site where you can track the next bus due from your local stop. If this is indeed implemented soon -and properly it will prove very popular.

There was also news on a new 'Northern Link' being planned which seems to be a service linking the main business and the George Park and Ride in the Northern Corridor area of Plymouth. This is in the early stage of planning and going out to tender so it will be a while before anything comes out on this.


We got an interesting email sent around at work this afternoon. I haven't got the full text with me but the basic gist is that First Devon and Cornwall and making changes to the Tavistock routes at the end of October and that these changes have been introduced without any consultation with hospital staff and that many staff will be left seriously worse off as a result of them! A meeting with staff from First has been arranged for next week. I must admit I am not sure about this one as it looks to me like a big improvement of the service, but as I don't use it much myself I may be missing some gaps in the service at peak times? I'm not sure if I can get to the meeting but lets hope so as it could be fun - hospital staff can get very upset when it comes to the buses


  1. The Hardware for the smart cards on PCB have been here 4 months - since they upgraded their Wayfarer units.

    We're just waiting for the cards to get here .

    dan :)

  2. It can't be as bad as a few years ago, I'd finish a late shift at Derriford and wait for the Tavistock bus, only for it not to turn up. Turns out some drivers would miss out the hospital altogether, to make up a few minutes and also thinking that no one would be waiting at this time anyway. To see the least, I got a little bit irate with First..

    Two months later, I bought a car and voila, problem solved! :)


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