15 October 2007

Changes ahead

On the Plymouth Citybus web site there is a mysterious link in the Service News section:

Passenger Information Service changes from the 28th October 2007 With known to date changes from the 30th December 2007

However, this link does not actually work but there are a few hints and notes in the main timetable sections...


Service 10: This service will no longer be run by Plymouth Citybus from the 30th December 2007.

Service 16: New timetable from 30th December

Service 18: No longer run by Citybus from 30th December. Confirmed that First take this one over

Service 22: New timetable from 30th December and slight route change to allow larger buses - low floor soon.

Service 23 24: From the 30th December 2007 First Devon and Cornwall are taking over the operation of the Service 10. Following the withdrawal by First Devon and Cornwall in the joint ticket arrangement which passengers in Mount Gould have been able to enjoy for many years it has been decided that from the 30th December Plymouth Citybus will increase the frequency of the Service 23 and Service 24 to every 20 minutes all Day Monday to Saturday with extra journeys in the morning. In addition to this Plymouth Citybus will also introduce a Sunday Daytime Service 24.

Service 28 29: New timetables from 30th December

Service 30: No longer run by Citybus from 30th December

Service 34. 34B. New timetable from 30th December. This is also interesting as the 34B is no longer run by Citybus but the 34 is extended into the evening and Sundays along its normal route. Citybus also comment that they are spending an extra £1000 a week trying to improve reliability of the service. I have noticed that the Enviros don't seem to stray out on Sundays, with Citybus preferring to run Darts instead.

Service 35: New timetables from 30th December

Service 38 39: No longer run by Citybus from 30th December

Service 42 42B: New timetables from 30th December with the 42B no longer run by Citybus

Service 43 43A: New timetables from 30th December

Services 46 47: Timetable change from 30th December and route change - no longer serving  Stoke Village

I am sure that as more news comes out there will be plenty more comment on these changes over the coming months. The comment by Citybus on the 23/24 timetable is interesting as it is an escalation of competition between FDC and Citybus. Marc Reddy hinted that they were taking over a few route tender wins from Citybus a while back.

Is this the start of FDC building up again after a long period of cutting back?

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