20 September 2007

Western Greyhound again

Nominations for the UK Bus Awards 2007 have been announced with the final results being revealed on the 7th November.
Slim pickings for the local area this year but once again Western Greyhound are nominated.

They are up for the Scania Independent Operator of the Year award. They are up against Ipswich Buses, Konect Bus and Norfolk Green.

You would think Mark Howarth and his team would be pretty bored with all these awards by now! Well done!


  1. Heard from Jim from A-Line travel that he heard a rumour that Westrern Grayhound might be bought by Stagecoach. Could see why Stagecoach would want them.

  2. Well they certainly get on very well with them at the moment. I think if WGL do sell up then Stagecoach will almost certainly be the buyer. It would make life very interesting down in Cornwall.
    I must say though that this is the first I have heard of any current rumour of any possible sale.
    Thanks for the tip!


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