26 September 2007

rare treat

I normally travel on the Citybus 50 service to work (Derriford Hospital) each morning and usually its one of the low floor Darts. Occasionally we get the odd step entrance Dart which never goes down well with the number of young Mums who use the service.
Thsi morning we got the rare treat of bus 94 a new Citaro. I have seen Citaros in use on the 50 a few times in the late afternoon but this is the first time I have had a Citaro on my morning run. And what a nice treat it was too. I think the poor driver must havbe been getting fed up with the number of passengers saying that it was too posh for the 50!
What was also noticable was how much quieter this was than the normal low floor Darts. Not just the engine noise - the Darts rattle, the Citaros dont!


  1. On Monday - A citaro was on the 46S School service @ DHSB.

    God knows how that got on??

    dan :D

  2. Seems the Citaros are getting around a little bit more than usual - I had 94 on my evening 62A last week. Can't work out why though - shortage of Darts?


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