27 September 2007

Plymouth Sound

© aecregent
This was another of those previously painted in tram colours, but this one on repaint received this advertising livery for Plymouth Sound, a local radio station. Quite what the Earl of Morley would make of it we can only wonder at.

Seeing this excellent photo posted on Flickr today by aecregent reminded me that Plymouth Sound has been a long standing advertiser with Plymouth Citybus over the years. Their current bus is a low floor Dart and they have only just seen their double decker 'Thunderbus' loose its lettering on a black based advert. The Dart is seen below, quite a contrast between the two. I know which I prefer!

Plymouth Citybus 040 T140EFJ


  1. Let me guess... You prefer the Atlantean/Fleetline.
    Seems to have strange blind layouts.

  2. you are right about my favourite!

    The blind layout is typical of Plymouth Citybus at that time. They were very comprehensive displays with lots of via points in the lower half. Sadly these were lost with the introduction of minibuses and Darts.


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