03 September 2007

Blast from the Past

Another of those narrow bodied LHs with Plaxton bodywork, this one is working for the Cornish Fairways part of Western National, but is seen on National Express work in this view.

Limited blogging at the moment due to family commitments - wife has a birthday today - so have to do the husband thing!

So we have another one of aecregents excellent photos with this great shot taken at Bretonside. Pure nostalgia!

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  1. I rather fancy the picture you've selected was of a bus once new to Greenslades. Can anyone confirm?

    Later, WNOC was to purchase bucket loads of these LH coaches. Those with 7ft 6in wide bodies (like that pictured) were rather cute! Especially when painted in green and white 'dual-purpose' livery. Yes, they were a little noisy but they fitted the bill so well, for longer distance and rural services. I recall that there was a small batch of Marshall bodied DP LHs, too.


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