01 August 2007

Pipe Dream?

Ambitious plans for what would be one of Plymouth's tallest buildings have been officially submitted to the city council for consideration.Developer Devington Homes of Falmouth wants to build the £75million, 30- storey tower at Derry's Cross, on a site now home to Foot Anstey Solicitors and previously TSW's base.

As well as the 330-foot tower - originally named the Trathen Tower, before Devington bought out the scheme - the plans include a boulevard with restaurants, cafes and bars, a four-star hotel, office accommodation and 172 apartments.

This has been around for a while now - Skyscraper News has pictures of what it may look like on a page dated March 2006. The firm behind the scheme - ADG does have an excellent reputation though so there is a good chance that it may yet be built. It will certainly transform this area if and when it does go up.

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