31 July 2007

Free Fares

A story in the Chronicle in Newcastle
TRANSPORT Secretary Ruth Kelly is being asked to intervene in a row over free bus travel for pensioners which could cost another £5m. Leaders of the Tyne & Wear Passenger Transport Authority have revealed there is a funding gap to cover the cost of the scheme for the second year running.Free bus travel for pensioners and disabled people was introduced by the Government in 2006 across the country but the £350m allocated did not cover all the cost.There was a £3.7m gap to subsidise bus travel and the authority was forced to cut some loss-making routes, put up children’s fares, axe half price travel for 16 to 19-year-olds in full time education, and take money from reserves.
I remembered that Omnibuses covered this story back in January 2006.
I decided to have a look back on this story and gather a few of my blog entries into one place on my sister Plymothian Transit pages where I will be following the introduction of the nation wide scheme next April in a bit more detail

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