21 August 2007

Bridge News

Contractors were finally due to submit tenders for replacing a footbridge by Plymouth railway station on Friday - 13 months after the crossing was wrecked by a lorry.But the city council still cannot say when the bridge will be replaced.Transport campaigners have welcomed the submission of tenders but criticised the city council for taking so long to install a new bridge.The crossing was badly damaged in July last year when the arm of a 'cherry-picker' hydraulic platform vehicle being carried on a lorry collided with the footbridge on Saltash Road, between North Cross and Pennycomequick roundabouts, tore 60ft of it off its mountings and dragged it 100ft down the road. By a miracle, no one was hurt.
A council spokeswoman said: "We carried out a tendering exercise for the replacement of a new bridge and the final date for submission was Friday."We're unable to say precisely at this stage when the bridge will actually be installed, as it involves work on a major road into Plymouth's city centre so planning to ensure the least amount of inconvenience for drivers and bus users as well as rail users will be a key element of when we will be able to carry this out."

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