19 July 2007

Blast from the past!

© aecregent (Flickr blog this) October 1993 at Winkleigh.

A751VAF when brand new carried this unusual version of NBC Green livery which was part of the joint services with Plymouth Citybus and carries large Western National Citybus logos.

These buses have served the area very well over the years and although now under threat and one or two have already gone, you can still see one or two around with one of them expected to survive a bit longer as its been deroofed for open top services. Expect to see it this weekend on the Hoe

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  1. Another excellent photo Graham, whether old or new. This livery dates from the Plymouth Market Analysis Project exercise of 1983. As you know, it was a PCT led PJS project that resulted in the CityBus livery of red and more cream for PCT and leaf green and whiter for WNOC. WNOC buses were in service at the change without transfers, I recall. Pic of a VR in said livery here. "The art of citybusmanship" was the PCT strapline, BTW.


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