04 March 2007

Blast from the Past

© Dave Godley April 1986 - used with permission

Sorry for the lack of postings but I have not been able to get access to any of my blogs for a few days now - although it does now seem that I can post to my blogs I have only just found a way of viewing them. It seems I am not alone in having problems as many others in the UK have the same issue.
However, I am posting 250 here, not just because its a great photo but to announce that I have uploaded a new file to my downloads area - a full fleet list of Plymouth Citybus from February 1977 - 30 years ago. CLICK HERE

A few things have changed over the past thirty years:


Fleet = 218

total seating 14722 average seating per bus = 67

Average age = 6.9 years


Fleet 175

total seating 7733 average seating per bus = 44

Average age = 9.2 years

Figures are a rough guide at a point in time. The average age is the most interesting to me at least as I expected the age profile to be a lot lower now, but I forgot the Volvo double deckers are all getting on a bit now! The other interesting bit - the only bus to appear in both fleet lists from 1977 and 2007 is of course 358 - the oldest bus in 1977!

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