05 January 2007

Crash news

As expected the press is still full of 'details' about the horrific National Express coach crash.
We are now starting to get eye witness reports from the survivors and as expected they are not comfortable reading. One of the things that has been picked up are the reports of how fast the coach was travelling. Several papers gleefully reported that the coach was going well over 60 - even 80 miles an hour. At least the same papers have then also reported that the coach was in fact fitted with a speed limit device at 62mph. Thankfully the investigators should have access to the exact speed of the coach at that moment as it will all have been recorded on the coach tachograph.
A further development, which many of us expected was the announcement that National Express Group PLC has taken all 12 of its long-distance double-deckers off the road: 'As a precautionary measure, we felt it necessary to temporarily withdraw the fleet as soon as possible. We will ensure this process is thorough and comprehensive as part of our commitment to passenger safety.'
Attention is now turning to the type of coach with some papers suggesting double deck coaches are dangerous. One good and balanced news article on the BBC web site profiles the Skyliner.

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