07 December 2006

Evolution of the Bus

There's a new bus in town which has been noted by Nick Rice who reports:
Tracked down the First demo which was at work on the 7A today, its a MAN MCV Evolution reg AE06 OPG with the wording 'Demonstrator on loan to First' in the windscreen.

I have managed to track down a photo of this bus on Ben Morrolls Fotopic site here

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  1. Yeah, I saw that out and about last week on the 7A. Though I have no idea what the specs are for it, how environmentally friendly it is etc, I must admit that the design looks pretty ugly.

    True the livery and interior would be changed if First did by some, but it looks a lot like brick on wheels. Even with the darts, despite their oblong shape they seem a bit more streamlined than this.

    I'm thinking this is being trialled for an environmental cost more than anything.


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