20 October 2006

Route 76

I am sorry there have been no postings for last two days - I have been having to sort out my photos and get them off my hard drive as its too full and causing problems - only the CD recorder has also failed! This means a massive uploading to my Flickr account is in progress - which takes a lot of time. It does mean I have easier access to my photos so should make blogging easier in the long run!

Route 76 is the main Plymouth - Callington (and beyond) and has seen many route versions over the years. It is also one of those routes which can see just about any current member of FDC fleet. The 16th September saw this fine beast TJI4838 which must have been a treat for ths passengers.

15th October and we see something totally different - Ex Hong Kong aircondtioned Dart 40688 S337TJX.
41177-R177TLM March 2005
Back in March 2005 another Dart - this time ex London R177TLM with Marshall bodywork.
34752 A752VAF Dec 2005
December 2005 and another Olympian - this time a native one - A752VAF. These buses have served Plymouth very well for over twenty years now although it does seem that their time is coming to and end shortly.
LFJ847W - Western National
And finally - a case of leaving the best to last - LFJ847W in National Bus Company standard issue green livery. No date but seems to have been early 1980s.
Photos from Jeff Lloyds collection - used with permission - original copyright not known.

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