17 October 2006

Citybus on the net

Plymouth Citybus finally have a web site worth visiting!

It wont win any design awards but it does provide all the information you need including at last - online timetables! Well done Citybus.


  1. Hurrah, welcome to the modern day PCB.

  2. Okay, so how many years did it take for them to realise that they needed a website for their main business as opposed to just coaches?

    Still, good to see that they're finally on the Interwibbles. The design leaves a lot to be desired, but it works and it's a lot better than most MySpace pages out there. Plus it's good to see a return to sunday service for the Barbican/Hoe at the end of this month :)

    And is it just me or are CityBus starting to claw away at some of FD&C's lesser used routes? First there was the 58/59, then there was the 49 to Heybrook Bay, and now CityBus are taking on the 7D.

  3. Not a bad site at all.


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