26 October 2006

Plymouths Atlanteans Part 4

LTK92R DG 92

© Dave Godley - Used with permission.
An unusual photo which is best described in Daves own words...

As the schools broke up in the Summer of 1982 there was a national rail strike which lasted several weeks. National Express had to hire in whatever vehicles they could get to shift the thousands of holidaymakers that had to quickly make alternative arrangements. As a result Plymouth double-deckers became a common sight arriving and departing from Exeter Coach Station. Park Royal-bodied LTK 92R is seen here arriving on a saturday morning in July 1982. Dave Godley.

Over twenty years later Stagecoach introduce Megabus running double decker buses all the way from Plymouth to London!

This will be my last post here for a few days as I am away for the weekend. We leave on Friday morning heading up to Braintree, Essex. We return on Sunday so there wont be a new post here until Monday, by which time the new Citybus Enviro singledeckers should be out and about on the 34 service. Believe me - Citybus have taken route branding to a whole new level...

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