24 October 2006

Plymouths Atlanteans Part 2

The batch of Atlanteans delivered in 1967 were the last Plymouth Atlanteans to feature MCW bodies and were the same basic design - but with a better looking front end. One of them was rebuilt with the front end of a J reg Atlantean which dramatically altered the appearance.
Photo © Dave Godley - used with permission.

219 (FJY919E) is seen here at Yelverton looking in need of TLC. It had to wait 18 months before a repaint though.
12th April 1979
Dave G

1 comment:

  1. Another excellent picture. CAn anyone identify the *cars* in the background?

    Is the white estate rear a Pugh 504? The vehicle on the right an A40? Or an Anglia esttate? But what of the khaki car parked by the TV stores?

    I think PCT used to use deckers on most if not all their "country" Plymouth Joint Services runs. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


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