05 October 2006

Lucky Clover Leaf

Residents of Glenholt are looking forward to an end of months of uncertainty over bus journeys in the north of Plymouth, after the city council awarded the contract for a new service in the area.Target Travel will launch the number 57 Clover Leaf Connection on October 28. From October 30, it will provide an hourly service daily from Mondays to Saturdays between 9am and 4pm.The clover leaf-shaped route includes stops at Birdcage Farm, Glenholt, Belliver and Woolwell, for residents travelling to and from the medical centre, Tesco Extra supermarket and other shops, into the George park-and-ride site and Derriford Hospital. This is Plymouth

This seems like a good idea and will provide good links with Derriford Hospital and the George Park and Ride site which is turning into a good transport interchange. Lets just hope that the residents use the service that they have fought so hard for.

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