28 September 2006

UK Bus Awards

Once a year the UK Bus Awards take place.
UK Bus Awards’ aim is to spread the quality message so that it is not just confined to pockets of excellence but becomes so widespread that the bus will be seen as a logical alternative to the car for many journeys – with all the environmental, communal and economic benefits that will bring.
Today the shortlist for this years awards has been announced and Plymouth is lucky enough to be stuck right in between two of the nominees - both of whom have a good chance of picking up awards:

Award for Operating Excellence - Large Fleet
Arriva Midlands Stagecoach Devon Stagecoach in Fife Stagecoach West Scotland
Award for Operating Excellence - Smaller Fleets
Ipswich Buses Stagecoach in Cambridge Western Greyhound Yorkshire Coastliner

For Plymouth its either good news or bad news depending on how you look at it:

Good News: If you leave Bretonside Bus Station and turn Left or Right you will not have to travel too far before you reach a quality public transport operation.
Bad News: Plymouth - the gaping void between decent public transport systems.

You decide!


  1. Should you be so hard on Plymouth? There may be issues but generally speaking operators just get on with the job!

  2. Western Greyhound excellent compared with operators in Plymouth? Well yes if you love very long rides on a vario,but probably no if you are a parent with a pushchair or are disabled


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