02 September 2006


It has become apparent to me that the change over to the Plymothian Transit address has not been a 100% success. Although the site is up and running fine and people can view all the pages etc, many of the links are broken and searching the blog is all but impossible as many items are still looking to the old didbygraham address.

To this end I have decided to rebuild the blog onto a mirror plymothian-transit2 site. This entails copying all the blogs, one at a time over to the new site and testing all the links as I go. This will take a while so I everything will continue to be posted onto this site as normal. Once I have the copy blog up and running I will then announce the new address and switch over to what will hopefully be a proper working, fully searchable site!
So if you see links or referances to plymothiantransit2 then dont worry!
It seems that actually I have managed to iron out many of the problems after all so I have abandoned the idea of a new Plymothian-Transit2 site and will keep this one going as it is. I will continue to monitor and fix most of the missing links etc.

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