19 August 2006

Plymothian Bridges Number 6

Coombe Viaduct in Saltash
This fine viaduct is just down the line from Bridge number 5. It takes the main line over this small creek on the River Tamar. Built in 1894 to replace an earlier structure built by Brunel. There is an excellent Wikipedia page on the viaducts along this line here.

For more photos taken of the viaduct on a day trip with my sone back in January this year see my Coombe Viaduct Tabblo. If you have Google earth installed on your computer (and it is brilliant!) click on the main photo above to visit the photo page on Flickr. There you will see a link marked "Fly to this location" Click the link and open the file it offers you. You will then 'fly' direct to the location of this viaduct for an aerial view. Its all very impressive stuff! This feature is available on several of my photos on Flickr.

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