08 July 2006

Sir Henry is on his way back...

© Terry Partridge
STK131T was part of the last batch of Roe bodied Atlanteans delivered to Citybus back in the days when you could expect to see up to 15 new double deckers each year (how times have changed!). 131 -5 were special in that they were delivered as single door buses and had very comfortable seats and were used for private hires, and longer trips. Somehow these always had character which set them apart from the rather bland East Lancs design which followed over the next three years. 131 was named Sir Henry Winstanley
Well the good news is that the bus has now been fully repainted back into Plymouth City Transport livery (hopefully the original one which it carried) and will be making its public debut at the Plymouth Bus Rally on 23rd June. Plymouth Citybus have just completed the paint job and I am told its well up to their usual high standards.
The photo above was taken by Terry Partridge as he was involved in collecting the bus for its new owner. There are more photos taken on the day here. For all of Terrys web sites try the Coleridge Group home page as there is a lot to see! Terry is one of the Inner Circle (not as sinister as it sounds!)

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