08 July 2006

An invitation from Brian

Brian George from Stagecoach Devon sent this message to the Yahoo! South West Bus Group to publicise their event next weekend. I am sure he wont mind it appearing here. It will be a great day out - they do these very well. Of course the best way to get there is the X38 or the 82
or if you get the Explorer Ticket you can do both - I know I will be!

Hi all,Don't know how many of you might be looking to attend the tenth anniversary celebrations of SCD (Stagecoach Devon) which will be held in the lower level of Exeter bus station on Saturday 15th July between approximately 1000 and 1600. So thought I would give it a plug.
There will be a display of buses from the days of Exeter Corporation until present, trade stalls, a display of memorabilia, refreshments and a bouncy castle.
There will also be free rides on a selection of heritage vehicles along the old C route to Crossmead. This will be a one off chance to get pictures of these buses using Exeter High Street in service. These will operate every 20 minutes.
I have seen some of the souvenirs which have been produced especially to mark the celebration and which will be on sale on the day. They are all limited in numbers so first come first served. The goods will only be available to people attending on the day. There are mugs, key rings, beer mats, and a fabulous booklet describing the history of DG up to current SCD days. The booklet will be on sale for a fiver, however, it contains a £5 voucher which can be used against the purchase of one of our model buses, and a voucher for a free adult explorer ticket. So £11 worth of freebies. There will also be a detailed program on sale. Sorry I only have the price of the booklet at present.All SCD staff will be getting a free lapel badge of the tie pin type to mark the occasion.The Devon General society will have its sale stand on site and SCD will be selling a range of artefacts, (old uniform etc), for our charity.We will also be selling our model buses, (not for charity). Incidentally I have seen the proofs of the models of the Trafalgar and Brunel buses, which still need some work before full production commences, we hope for delivery in around eight weeks.

I hope to se a lot of you there on the day. Bring the misses as the shops will be open all day so less chance of a nag for enjoying your hobby.Don't forget to bring your wallets.

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