22 May 2006

Topless - For one day only!

For many years we have had open top bus services in Plymouth, but the last few years have been barren. Once again there is no sign of open top services in Plymouth this year. A ride around the Barbican and the Hoe on open top bus is a real treat and I am sure would still be popular. For years we had the traditional service laid on by "Sir Francis Drake" while other open toppers went all the way to Bovisand - which was a great trip out.
Then along came Guide Friday and the open top tour of Plymouth did just about the same route around the Hoe and Barbican for a much higher fare - although it was an all day hop-on hop-off deal and it did have guides. However the days of just hopping on for a quick trip were over. I can remember why the service stopped - but its a shame that there is nothing available now.
So its down to FDC who have a smart standard fleet of Bristol VRTs for its Cornish services to occasionally send them up to Plymouth. The Lord Mayors Day Parade saw two in use. The photo below is of the bus returning to the depot minus assorted balloons.


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