21 May 2006

Formal warning for FDC

Back in March I reported that FDC had been called to a Public Inquiry but did not know what it was about. Well now we know:
Bus company First Devon and Cornwall has been given a formal warning by the senior traffic commissioner for Great Britain over its maintenance of its fleet. During a public inquiry held in March, Philip Brown, senior traffic commissioner for Great Britain, heard that five First buses were found to have significant faults during spot-checks. Minor faults were also discovered in about a dozen other buses across the region during checks made by staff from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. Among the minor faults reported were oil and fuel leaks, wear on a nearside axle, damage to passenger seats and an external body panel protruding from a bus.First Devon and Cornwall, which has its headquarters in Plymouth, disputed the allegations and argued that the hearing should not have been called.

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  1. I don't normally stick up for First, but any bus company as overstreched, underfunded and having to use 20+ year old buses like FDC, would have exactly the same problems. The dodgy roads and narrow country lanes many of the services have to negotiate give the buses axles, suspension and bodywork a very hard time. The only cause for concern I have is the state of the seats on many of the buses, they are worn out, and heavily vandalised. This is a issue that has to be dealt with very quickly, otherwise the graffiti spreads across the bus as the lovely kids see one persons work, so have to copy it. But, there just isn't enough staff or time about to deal with it quickly, and before long you have a bus with a interior in a right state. Unless something very drastic is done at Chelson Meadow soon, by means of investment or the new management sorts the company out in a big way, these problems will remain, or get worse over time...

    P.S. This might be of intrest to you Graham, on Saturday, one of the X---SCY Alexander ALX Darts was at Bretonside after running an 86. It was only the second time i've ever seen one in Plymouth. The local FDC drivers were more intrested however, they all had a look inside, peered though the cab window or just gave it a good look as they walked past!

    It just goes to show how impoverished of decent buses the Plymouth fleet is, if you have drivers ogling over a six year old Dart!!


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