18 May 2006

Times are a changing

I mentioned yesterday about the new timetables coming out and how people are keen to learn about their services as soon as possible. Well today at work (Derriford Hospital) we received an email with all the new timetables from First D&C. The timetables themselves were in Word documents and were a bit fiddly to work out which was which - but well done to FDC for sending them out.
Citybus has also started letting people know. On the front noticeboard on their buses are two A4 sheets with small type detailing all the changes. Trouble its you need to be sitting on that one front seat to have any chance of reading them. I did notice that one of the buses I rely on, the 47 is changing quite a bit. It was too much to read in the 5 seconds I had as I left the bus, but I gather the route number is reverting to the old system of 46 and 47 routes in the opposite direction, rather than 46 for Devonport and 47 for Estover sides of Derriford. I also gather that for some reason it wont serve Keswick Crescent - which is where I catch it. This is a real pain.
The other main route I catch is the 52. I am still not sure what is happening here. I thought it says that the route is being cut back to peak times only, and may or may not be joined back up with the 152 Saltash service. However M Dodd sent me a note with the Citybus changes (copied below) which notes the 52 is gone altogether!

* 25A is to be scrapped. Current 25A route will be incorporated by an extention to route 20. As a result, the 19/A and 20/A will be moving up to stop A11. Barbican run will take place every 30 minutes, with no service on sundays :(* Slight timing changes for 21, 51, 29 and 43.* 26 will include Saltash industrial park (?) and a new housing estate nearby.* 39 to include The George (competing with the PR1 I expect?)* 43A will include Barne Barton, as previously mentioned by yourself.* 46/A and 47/A will be the same route, but going clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.* PCB takes over route 49 from FDC. Three services per day.* Route 52 has gone. PCB suggest catching the 21 to Marsh Mills, then the 50 to Derriford Hospital.* 152 to be withdrawn from off-peak times (2 hours either side of midday).* 61S school service to become a normal 61 to Derriford Hospital.

I am sure more will come to light shortly - maybe even Citybus will send an email round Derriford - although if the 52 really is going then I know it will make a lot of people angry!

The First changes as notified by FDC today are as follows: (my comments in red)

Ser 11/12
Off peak, service reduced to hourly between Ham and Derriford, 20 minute service maintained during peaks, and between City Centre and Ham (Ser 11A below)
Introduction of ser 11A off peak, serving Beacon Park Rd and Recreation Rd
I do seem to remember FDC pointing out this service was officially one of the fastest growing services in the country a couple of years ago - now its being cut back!

Ser 49
Am (0759 ex Heybrook Bay) and pm (1753 ex Rail Stn) peak journeys from/to Heybrook Bay renumbered 5A (am) & 6A (pm)
Off peak journeys no longer operated No mention of Citybus taking over!
Ser 7
Sundays now all journeys operate to/from Jennycliff, not Mount Batten (7A)
0656 ex Broadley Park extended to Jennycliffe Monday to Friday schooldays and schoolholidays
Ser 7A
1531 ex Plymstock School, terminates at City Centre. Certain pm journeys retimed as result
Ser 7D
Ex 1550 from Notre Dame School, starts from City Centre at 1615, following award of tender from PCC
Ser 72
Introduced from 30th July until 2nd September 2006, daily
Ser 82
Withdrawn , last day of operation 27th May 2006, until 29th September 2006
Again - no mention that Stagecoach take over - they could at least point out that someone else was running it!
Ser X80
Revised timetable to provide 30 minute service between Plymouth and Torquay. No longer operates via Plympton
Service X81 no longer runs
Ser 88
Revised timetable, to run approximately every 90 minutes, no longer serves Plympton.
Service X87/X88 withdrawn.
Mike Pullen points out:
The new South Hams timetable seems to show the FDC X80 Plymouth - Torquay bypassing Plympton and going straight up the A38 from Marsh Mills. Plympton has had a hard time recently with the SD Exeter bus withdrawn followed by the FDC Ivybridge buses. I suppose the reason is lack of passengers or are they trying to save a few minutes on journey times. Living at Chaddlewood as I do it gets irksome having to travel into the city centre to get a X38, 88 and now the X80.
Ser 90/90A
Revised timetable on service 90
Additional journeys on service 90A
Ser 91
No longer operated by First (Stagecoach Devon take over)
Ser 111/112
Service no longer operated by First (Stagecoach again)
Ser 110
Revised timetable
Ser 118, 187, 270, 272, 274, 279
Introduction of Dartmoor Sunday rover services from Sunday 28th May to Sunday 24th September 2006
Plymouth Park & Ride
Introduction of George/ Milehouse and Coypool Park and Ride contracts
New PR 2 serves Coypool - will be interesting to see what they use on this run? I dont think they have enough Tridents. PR1 already passes the Milehouse site so I guess will just pop in on its way past to serve both sites.

Thats all for now!


  1. Still no mention of the changes on the FDC site I see...

  2. I had a chance to get a close look at the notice on a Citybus. It says that the 52 is changing to peak hours only with no service for two hours or so either side of mid day.


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