16 May 2006

Keep us guessing

The end of this month will see the introduction of the Summer bus timetables for all our operators. Finding out about the changes is not quite so easy though. FDC have no news or anything mentioned about the forthcoming changes on their web site although you can find out about chnages to some of their services - at least the ones they are loosing to Stagecoach Devon. SCD have all their new timetables available on line including the new timetable for the 82 I mentioned yesterday.
As for Plymouth Citybus - well forget it. They must surely be one of the biggest bus companies in the country without a decent web site. No details of their services, no timetables, no ticket details, no nothing. In fact they dont even mention their buses apart from the fact that you can hire one!
Now I know its still over two weeks before the changes come into effect. But imagine you are just about to purchase a monthly season ticket only to find out next week that the bus you catch no longer runs! I dont suppose either company would give you your money back?


  1. The new South Hams timetable seems to show the FDC X80 Plymouth - Torquay bypassing Plympton and going straight up the A38 from Marsh Mills. Plympton has had a hard time recently with the SD Exeter bus withdrawn followed by the FDC Ivybridge buses. I suppose the reason is lack of passengers or are they trying to save a few minutes on journey times. Living at Chaddlewood as I do it gets irksome having to travel into the city centre to get a X38, 88 and now the X80.

  2. There's a notice up about the summer timetables up on the notice board on all Plymouth CityBuses. Here's the basic rundown for PCB:

    * 25A is to be scrapped. Current 25A route will be incorporated by an extention to route 20. As a result, the 19/A and 20/A will be moving up to stop A11. Barbican run will take place every 30 minutes, with no service on sundays :(
    * Slight timing changes for 21, 51, 29 and 43.
    * 26 will include Saltash industrial park (?) and a new housing estate nearby.
    * 39 to include The George (competing with the PR1 I expect?)
    * 43A will include Barne Barton, as previously mentioned by yourself.
    * 46/A and 47/A will be the same route, but going clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.
    * PCB takes over route 49 from FDC. Three services per day.
    * Route 52 has gone. PCB suggest catching the 21 to Marsh Mills, then the 50 to Derriford Hospital.
    * 152 to be withdrawn from off-peak times (2 hours either side of midday).
    * 61S school service to become a normal 61 to Derriford Hospital.

    Not much news from FDC at the moment, though I did notice that PCB mentioned the addition of routes 5A and 6A by FDC next to their announcement that PCB will be taking on route 49.

    A number of big changes there, but I'm not too happy with them to be honest, especially the fact that the Barbican route will be going up Mutley as opposed to the Railway Station. I thought the idea with the route was to pick up tourists from the station and drop them off at hotels on the Hoe?


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