04 April 2006

Citybus repaints

Citybus have continued to repaint their Darts into the smart new livery with effort being concentrated on the Park and Ride Dart MPDs at the moment. 205 was done a while back and now both 201 and 202 have been treated to the new colours.
202 is seen below first back in February in the Park and Ride livery and then just a few days ago in the new livery. Citybus of course have lost the Park and Ride contract to First.



Interestingly First D&C have also been repainting their Park & Ride fleet with London Trident T812LLC being repainted into full Barbie Willow Leaf livery. These buses are only here until new buses arrive in the summer so I guess they will be repainted into Barbie for their next assignment. Thanks to Nick Rice for confirming the identity of this bus. I am aiming to get a photo in the next day or two!

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