05 April 2006

Barbie Park and Rider

I took advantage of the sunny weather on the way to work this morning in the hope that I might just catch this bus on camera. Well I figured I had a one in seven chance of it turning up in the ten minutes I had to play with. And I was in luck as this came speeing past within seconds of me getting into position. Looking very smart in full Barbie livery is 32812.
Ironically it does mean that it does not stand out as well as the other Park and Ride Tridents!


  1. Any ideas what First D&C are to get this summer? Also are these Tridents to stay in the fleet for other work, or will they go elsewhere in the group. If the latter, then I would guess Glasgow.

  2. The most recent I heard was that Glasgow were due to get these buses after the new Tridents have arrived in the summer. Of course since then we have got a new MD so maybe things have changed?


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