26 April 2006

1950's film footage

Click here to watch 'Union-Street-1950s'

This is a still shot from the middle of a small video clip of Union Street, Plymouth taken in the mid 1950's.

There are a couple of buses clearly identified in the shot:

352 EJY 352 Leyland PD2/1 Leyland L27/26R new 10/49, withdrawn 9/65,sold for scrap 1/66.

129 DDR 429 Leyland PD1A Weymann L27/26R new 7/48, renumbered 229 3/60,withdrawn 7/62, its chassis and cab became a car transporter and lasted until about 1990.

Thanks to Brian George and John Scotford for providing the details within minutes of me asking for them!

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