12 February 2006

Soapbox Sunday

12 February 2006 Soap Box Sunday
"A soapbox is a raised, improvised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech, often about a political subject. Alternately, the word may be used to describe the box that soap comes in." Wikipedia

Going back to the news story I mentioned yesterday of the impending possibilty of strike action by Plymoth Citybus drivers. I wont comment on the rights and wrongs of the strike as I dont know the details of the charges against the driver whose dismissal has caused this problem.

What has drawn my attention though is the news article on This Is Plymouth web site. Readers can leave comments on the news story. Usually there are not that many comments left, but this story has attracted 26 comments as I write this blog.

i whole heartedly support citybus in this case to many drivers drive without a thought for there passengers safety

Time and again I have nearly had a car accident through buses pulling out and THEN indicating. Bus drivers seem to have no respect for others on the road, often using their size of vehicle as a threat.

I have been on many Citybus buses and seen many examples of, at best 'careless' driving. Well done Citybus for taking action.

I travel on Citybus buses everyday and frankly the drivers attitude and standard of driving sucks big time!

and my 'favourite' has to be

i get city bus every day and their driving stinks, they all need to take driving lesson and learn some manners as well. before anyone comments i do not drive and can only get city bus . they also need to turn up on time some buses do not even turn up making people late for work.

Its not all one way traffic though, there are one or two drivers there (and a couple of passengers too) who put the other side of the argument:

You should all try doing the job, the man made a mistake, he's only a human, not a robot, its a hard job, we put up with all sorts, drunks, violence, spat at, you name it and we get it, and all for £250 per week.

All too often we see bus drivers being treated like dirt. I know that in this country public servants often have to put up with a certain amount of agro from the public they serve, but somehow bus drivers seem to get the worse end, and often very little sympathy from the public when it gets reported. If a bus driver spends twenty minutes sitting in the same traffic jam as everyone else is, its somehow his fault that the bus is late. When the managers of the bus company impose massive fare increases - its the driver who has to take the blame. If he/she makes any attempt to detract the blame to the management - then the driver is obviusly just being extremely rude (I have seen this myself on a Citybus recently)

The lady above who comments 'all need to take driving lesson and learn some manners as well.' seems to think that all bus drivers are bad. I wonder if she will be telling her bus driver that on Monday morning when she goes to work on the bus?


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