15 January 2006

Marsh Mills Bridge Works

The main road into Plympton off the Marsh Mills Roundabout is a scene of traffic chaos at peak times at the moment due to these roadworks. They are rebuilding the bridge over the river Plym to bring it up to today's standards. It appears that the bridge is being totally rebuilt so it is a major job. At the moment they have demolished half of the Plympton bound side which I guess will be rebuilt and then they will move to the other side. On Googlemap you can see the location of these roadworks (its actually on Plymouth Road where it crosses the Plym)
The photo above shows the Westcountry Crane Hire crane that is being used on site.

We are now standing directly over the River Plym and you can just about make out the large hole between the two carriageways - this is where the road used to go!

And this is the other side photo taken from Longfield Road which runs alongside the River. What you see here is a new temporary pedestrian bridge built alongside the old road bridge. This allows the road to be brought across to the left over the old pavement so they can demolish the right hand side of the bridge. The traffic has to squeeze into these left hand lanes so is restricted to 20 mph - with a large automated sign to warn any drivers doing more than that!

There is a lot of transportation interest in this small area so I will be coming back and posting more from my mini expedition trip yesterday


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