09 January 2006

Keyham Station

Today was my first day of the four day course at the Goschen Centre in Keyham so I was able to grab a few photos on my way to work of Keyham Station. Sadly I didn't have time to get down into the station proper and take more photos, and it was too dark to take many after the course had finished at tea time.

Here was are looking back into the Station from the bridge on the Plymouth bound track. wae are looking down the line towards Cornwall. Just past the road bridge you can see top left, is the rail track 'branch' into HMS Drake. More photos from this area soon I hope.

Compare the shot above with this old shot (from the excellent Cyberheritage site). This is actually looking in the same direction but taken from the main centre platform. Although this was never a major station you can see what building there were have been replaced by single bus shelters! Also you may notice the signal box is another missing feature of today's photo.

Our final photo from Cyberheritage was taken in 1981 and was some time after the old photo above. This one is looking back the opposite direction, taken from the road bridge seen in the distance in both photos. You can see the signal box has already disappeared. Otherwise not much has changed between the two old photos. You can also see the road bridge which was my vantage point this morning.

Other News:
The latest on the London Tridents noted in Plymouth mentioned yesterday is that they will not be staying in Plymouth and will be here for the Park & Ride until new buses arrive later in the year. It looks like they will stay in London red livery for the duration of their visit. From what people say they do not sound like pleasant buses at all!


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