08 January 2006

Student Link

Next week I am going back to college. Well, I am actually attending the Goschen Centre, run by the College of Further Education for a four day First Aid course, as I am to be the First Aider for our department at the Hospital. It does also mean that I will probably get the chance to catch the CFE service linking the college buildings and the City Centre. These use the fleet of Volvo B10M Citybus double decking in their bright yellow Student Link livery.
One of these is 187 F604GVO which is seen in standard Citybus livery above and in the yellow livery below.

One of the things I am hoping to do next week is get some uptodate photos of the transport network around Stoke, Keyham and Devonport - especially the railways in the area. Its not often I get to this part of the City. Of course its weather permitting as it may be to dark to get many photos after the course has finished for the day if its raining!

Other news:

Seen on the M4 heading west last Monday were Six First London Tridents
all were in London Livery and fleet nos but all had destination blinds
removed vehicles were T802/3/12/17/19/46LLC

These are the buses destined for the Park & Ride to be operated by First when they take over in a few months time. Not sure if this is all of them yet as it remains to be seen how many buses they need for the whole service. I guess they will be repainted into Barbie livery for now as we are due to receive brand new buses for the service eventually. Still, its good to know that the buses are starting to arrive now.

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