23 December 2005

Another Citybus repaint

Well this is what Citybus baby Dart 205 used to look like. It is reported today that it is now in standard Citybus livery - I assume the new style. It does apparently look very smart. Hopefully a photo will be available before too long.
With the Park & Ride services passing to First next year I guess the whole batch will soon be repainted - and more of the older Mercedes bread vans no doubt being replaced as the Darts revert to normal services.
Other news noted on the bus groups recently is that Stagecoach Devon are taking several more Olympian DDs from Liverpool in exchange for Volvo B10M's. a few Volvo Citybus DDs have come from Stagecoach South recently and more Olympians are due from Stagecoach East. I guess that some of these at least will appear at some stage in Plymouth on the X38?

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